Rede Portuguesa de Clubes Unesco

Marcámos presença no espetáculo da UNESCO “Universe of solutions” no Theatro Circo em Braga

Universe of solutions Where do the answers to our greatest challenges arise? What extraordinary transformation occurs when we unite to confront our obstacles? Can we envision and build a Universe of Solutions? This heart-stirring interdisciplinary concert, weaving together music, dance, and video, presents the profound visions and dreams of young people invited by artist Mikhail Karikis. They courageously reflect on today’s pressing environmental and sociopolitical challenges, discovering the immense strength within themselves and their communities, and directing their focus toward a collective, hopeful future. Conceived and directed by Karikis, the Universe of Solutions project is co-led by choreographer and performer Maruan Sipert, in partnership with photographer Maria João Salgado. This remarkable creative endeavor brings together 150 teenage dancers and musicians from Amarante, Barcelos, Braga, and Santa Maria da Feira, harmonizing their talents to forge an unforgettable and deeply inspiring experience.

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